There are lots of things that are important, but only a few things that are really important. One of the best sources I’ve studied on this topic of essentials in Christian education is Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz. This book is a very interesting read on the practical goals of Christian education, and I highly recommend it to any educator.

Kingdom Education includes a fantastic description by Lorin Bourguein of Matthew 6:33 from an educational approach. These thoughts have impacted me as a parent and an educator, and I pass these along to other adults as often as I can. Enjoy, and then order the book!

“Choosing a school which your child will attend is often a very difficult task. Every year when registration time approaches, critical questions are asked, performances are evaluated, pros and cons are weighed. As you prayerfully contemplate this crucial decision, may I encourage you to seek not what is good for your children, but what is best. Seek not what is important, but what is essential. Seek not glamour, but godliness. Seek not a place that gives your children opportunities to socialize; seek first that which gives your children opportunities for servanthood. Seek not to increase their fun, seek to increase their faith. Seek not tools to make them rich, seek first to give them tools to make the righteous. Parents, seek not what makes your kids happy, seek first what makes your kids holy. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness, and then sit back and claim God’s promise that every single thing your children need to fulfill God’s perfect plan for their lives will be given unto them.” (Schultz, 1998, p. 152)

Schultz, G. (1998). Kingdom Education: God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations. Nashville, TN: Lifeway Press.