In Genesis 1, our Creator made it clear that we have a job to do: Replenish His creation!  We replenish what He made by improving it to the greatest extent our ability allows. When we build bridges, write books, compose music, and invent computers, we are replenishing the natural world He provided. In essence, God made YOU to DO!

Each person God created has something valuable to contribute, and our stewardship of this life compels us to stay busy working for Him. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we all have the same command: Improve the world you live in and influence those around you to do the same.

My area of influence involves family, church, and education. I have the blessing of companionship with family, fulfillment in laboring through full-time ministry, and influence through the challenges of education.  I am the principal of Springfield Christian Academy in Clarkston, MI, and an associate pastor at Dixie Baptist Church. Danielle is my wife of 16 years, and we are blessed with six children. My Bachelor’s degree is in PreLaw and my Master’s degree is in Educational Leadership, both from Bob Jones University. I hold a Doctor of Education degree from Liberty University in Curriculum and Instruction, and my dissertation study involved STEM Education in Christian schools. I have been published in the Journal of Research on Christian Education and in the Journal for Christian Educators. I teach as an adjunct professor in the graduate education program at Bob Jones University as well as in the doctoral program at Liberty University.

The goal of this website is to build a resource for improving the areas of church ministry, family, and education. Your use of any included materials is welcome, and I can be contacted at