Proverbs 10:7: The memory of the righteous is blessed, but the name of the wicked will rot. Leaving a meaningful legacy is an innate, God-given desire planted within each individual.  We are each stewards of a legacy; nurturing it or wasting it is a choice each person makes. A conventional legacy leaves behind things, whereas an intentional legacy leaves behind values.  A Christian legacy-leaver ought to have an intentional, purposeful approach to communicating a set of eternally significant values. Part of this commitment means focusing on leaving my followers the things they cannot get for themselves, namely spiritual wisdom. A Godly legacy begins with a life purposefully grounded on bedrock Truth (Mt. 7:24-25). Although more Americans are claiming Christianity than ever before, fewer and fewer young adults are  being found truly faithful. Could this be because fewer and fewer parents are being found truly planted upon the Bedrock? The Word promises that the trust of “seek ye first” Christians has never been betrayed (Ps. 37:25), and God still seeks to bless lives that are built upon Him. So, the decision is yours: Will your legacy be intentional, or just conventional?


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