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Get What You Pay For & Even What You Don’t

I'm on a plane. As I boarded a few minutes ago, I noticed a brag-line by the door that caught my attention: "The youngest fleet in the country". The airline promotes the fact that they slash frills "to save you... Continue Reading →

Not Quiet Human

What is it that makes human beings unique? What sets us apart from the animals? (other than opposable thumbs of course...). I suggest that when God made us, he gave us the ability to do something really valuable that the... Continue Reading →

Great Advice About Time-Management from Michael Hyatt

Here's some great advice from Michael Hyatt I found at "The reality is all of us have more work than we can possibly do. When you add to this the demands of regular exercise, family, church, civic duties, and some... Continue Reading →

“Minor Regrets” by Marvin Olasky

Here's a great article by one of my favorite authors, Marvin Olasky: Coming close is not a tragedy. I’m going through life without ever having hit a home run. To hit a ball perfectly and round the bases, touching home:... Continue Reading →

Plant Righteous Things in the Paths of Your Kids

We just got back from a great week at Camp CoBeAc in Houghton Lake, MI. There was swimming, a zip-line, rock wall, putt-putt, canoeing, a waterslide, games, ice cream...all the great things you'd expect to find at camp. Our church... Continue Reading →

Get Back to What You’re Good At

One of the great frustrations of being in charge is knowing what to say "no" to. We realize we need to do this more often, but it's often somewhere in the middle of a noble undertaking: A maintenance project, a... Continue Reading →

Living the Secular Life…Really?

If you're looking for a fairly simple read on what makes non-religious and/or atheistic people tick, Living the Secular Life by Phil Zuckerman is a good place to start. I picked this book up mainly because as a teacher and... Continue Reading →

Keeping First Things First

There are lots of things that are important, but only a few things that are really important. One of the best sources I've studied on this topic of essentials in Christian education is Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz. This book is... Continue Reading →

God Gives Success In Fighting Satan

James 4:7 Someone has quipped that temptations are like stray cats: if you treat one nice, it’ll be back shortly with a whole bunch of its friends. There’s a lot of truth in that old joke. The more we yield... Continue Reading →

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