What Is My Purpose In Life, And How Can I Be Certain Of It?

”Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt 6:10). This is the essence of our purpose. We are to honor God and advance his kingdom through who we are and in everything we... Continue Reading →

Why I Support Christian Education — David Teis

Many years ago, my wife Anna and I made a commitment to train up our children for the Lord with a strong biblical Christian worldview... The post Why I Support Christian Education appeared first on David Teis. via Why I Support... Continue Reading →

Kids These Days…

WORLD Magazine Editorial Cartoons

Satisfied Teachers: Who’s Job Is It?

How much effect does our work environment have on our job satisfaction? That was the main question asked by Earthman and Lemasters (2009) in a thought-provoking article about teacher satisfaction. The concept was simple: Compare attitudes about teaching among educators... Continue Reading →

Why Leaders Must Blog

  In March, 2015, I attended the MACUL Conference in Detroit, MI, where George Couros was the keynote speaker.  I attended a workshop with George entitled "Blogging as a Portfolio" and was convinced that blogging would be a fun outlet for my... Continue Reading →

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