Get What You Pay For & Even What You Don’t

I'm on a plane. As I boarded a few minutes ago, I noticed a brag-line by the door that caught my attention: "The youngest fleet in the country". The airline promotes the fact that they slash frills "to save you... Continue Reading →

Not Quiet Human

What is it that makes human beings unique? What sets us apart from the animals? (other than opposable thumbs of course...). I suggest that when God made us, he gave us the ability to do something really valuable that the... Continue Reading →

Does Your State Matter? It did at the GLCEC!

On October 6th and 7th, 2016, the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo, MI played host to the Great Lakes Christian Educators' Convention. The Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota state associations converged with much excitement to refresh educators' spiritual... Continue Reading →

Like Nothing We’d Remember

I'm a product of a bumper crop. The Christian school bumper crop, that is. Class of '97, Bob Jones Academy, Greenville, SC.  My graduating class had 136 members, and our school had a total enrollment of over 2,500. Olympic-size swimming... Continue Reading →

Is College for Everyone?

Should all high school graduates attend college? Up until a few years ago, and especially in our circle, the answer to that question was an emphatic "Of course!" However, it's interesting that today, while many sources are now saying that... Continue Reading →

Great Advice About Time-Management from Michael Hyatt

Here's some great advice from Michael Hyatt I found at "The reality is all of us have more work than we can possibly do. When you add to this the demands of regular exercise, family, church, civic duties, and some... Continue Reading →

“Minor Regrets” by Marvin Olasky

Here's a great article by one of my favorite authors, Marvin Olasky: Coming close is not a tragedy. I’m going through life without ever having hit a home run. To hit a ball perfectly and round the bases, touching home:... Continue Reading →

What Is My Purpose In Life, And How Can I Be Certain Of It?

”Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt 6:10). This is the essence of our purpose. We are to honor God and advance his kingdom through who we are and in everything we... Continue Reading →

Plant Righteous Things in the Paths of Your Kids

We just got back from a great week at Camp CoBeAc in Houghton Lake, MI. There was swimming, a zip-line, rock wall, putt-putt, canoeing, a waterslide, games, ice cream...all the great things you'd expect to find at camp. Our church... Continue Reading →

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