It Is What It Is…But it Doesn’t Have to Be

I had a friend several years ago whose mantra was "It is what it is". He would say this when it became apparent that the circumstance wasn't going to change no matter what we did. A maintenance boondoggle..."It is what... Continue Reading →

Get Back to What You’re Good At

One of the great frustrations of being in charge is knowing what to say "no" to. We realize we need to do this more often, but it's often somewhere in the middle of a noble undertaking: A maintenance project, a... Continue Reading →

The Curriculum Survey Plan

Teachers everywhere manage a constant tension between unrealistically high curriculum expectations and a desire to slow things down and make class fun. Figuring out how to cover an entire textbook, keep students from falling behind, and make class enjoyable may be questions for the... Continue Reading →

Got FOMO? Balancing a CEO Heart with a CFO Brain

In the hectic business we affectionately call "ministry", I was recently describing to my patient wife my feelings of frustrated unproductivity: That despite my good intentions and strong drive, I often feel like I don't accomplish much important during the... Continue Reading →

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