November 2015

What Technology WON’T Do For Ministry

Are you a digital native or a digital immigrant? If you're familiar with those terms being bandied around the last few years, it's because of the guy who coined them: Mark Prensky. Prensky published a thought-provoking article in On the... Continue Reading →

Satisfied Teachers: Who’s Job Is It?

How much effect does our work environment have on our job satisfaction? That was the main question asked by Earthman and Lemasters (2009) in a thought-provoking article about teacher satisfaction. The concept was simple: Compare attitudes about teaching among educators... Continue Reading →

What’s So Wrong With the “G” Word?

Dawn Turner, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune, recently wrote a thought-provoking article, When Women Call Themselves the G-Word, in which she suggests being called a "girl' is an insult.  Her words: "On Monday, CBS will premiere its new drama "Supergirl." Although... Continue Reading →

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