Session 7: The Cosmological Shift

Our view of what it means to be a person has fundamentally changed, for no longer is there a universal understanding of what it means to be “human”.  Instead, being human has morphed into a highly-subjective and pluralistic concept. Secular culture is teaching us that sexual identity is human identity while religious identity is not.

For centuries, Western culture has held that human beings are fundamentally religious creatures, and one proof of this case is that humans have always struggled to understand why we exist.  Our explanation for why we inhabit the planet stems from our religious worldview, and the other details of our lives hinge on that explanation. In today’s culture, humans are now seen as sexual creatures first and foremost. Sexual choice now takes precedence over any presumed purpose of marriage, and this new idea has dangerous consequences. The influence of evolutionary theory and the presumed dominance of science over religion have had far-reaching consequences we are reaping today.


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