NextGen is an Adult Bible Fellowship series offered at Dixie Baptist Church and dwells on the theme of stewarding young lives for God’s glory.  As influencers of the next generation, we should feel pressure to do things right. Yet it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose in a quest for practical tips and formulas. We need more than just trendy strategies—we need the grace that has the power to shape us and the lives we touch.

This series draws us toward a grander perspective of influence that overflows with vision, purpose, and joy. The study is partly based on the excellent book Parenting by Paul David Tripp. I have created content to fit our needs and follow the original source, but I give him full credit and my gratitude for his insightful work.

Click the links below for session handouts and audio recordings.

Session I: Who Am I? (Part I)

Session II: Who Am I? (Part II)

Session III: Our Calling is God’s Grace

Session IV: On The Right Side of the Law

Session V: The Process is the Product

Session VI: The Lens of Lost

Session VII: The Elusive Beauty of Authority

Session VIII: Young and Foolish

Session IX: What a Character!

Session X: The Role of Self-Control

Session XI: More Than Enough

Session XII: Shaping a God-Given Identity