Luke 9:56 For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.

The discussion of Same-Sex Marriage must begin with an understanding that Jesus Christ came to save sinners, not to destroy them. While sin drastically hinders a relationship with God, He sent His Son to save us from ourselves. That salvation is a free gift that all men and women need to know of and one which this debate gives Christians an opportunity to share.  We are commanded to love and seek the best for those who may disagree with us and the Bible. This does not mean for a moment that we accept sin or overlook that which God condemns, but it does mean that we lovingly seek to help people know Christ first and foremost. A hateful, bemoaning spirit will not help the Kingdom of God to be expanded.

This lesson exposes the cultural wake of the Same-Sex Marriage ruling and lays the foundation for a road forward. Being aware of the past is helpful, but what is the road forward? Because of Jesus Christ and His salvation, we have a hope that is still worth sharing!


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