The way we define any concept, item, or idea is so important because it has far-reaching consequences. While Christians turn to The Word for our Truth, we concede that Jesus never directly stated that He opposed same-sex marriage. This is true of many controversial subjects we have come to consider sins. So, how do we defend a position against same-sex marriage from the words of our Leader Himself, especially if He never specifically said them?

The answer is found in the fact that Jesus Christ referred to God’s intent for man and woman at the time of their creation. One instance is found in Mark 10:6 when the Pharisees question Jesus about divorce. Christ’s answer was not to quote Jewish law but to point His questioners back to God’s created intent: “from the beginning of creation God made them male and female.” So, going back to God’s intention for man and woman is the key to understanding what Jesus wanted to communicate, Himself.

Returning to Genesis chapter 1, we see that God’s intention was for males and females to “fill and form” the earth; To replenish the earth together. God filled and formed the earth and then gave man and woman the task of improving upon His creation.  God, the absolute Ruler, created little rulers to subdue His creation (Gen. 1:26-28). Adam could not fulfill this task by himself, so God gave him a helper who could assist him in filling the earth with children. Adam was not given a companion because he was lonely; He was given a helper, adequate for his need to fill the earth because he was alone.  God’s perfect system was in place for mankind to fulfill the job He gave.

In this lesson, we see these truths:

  • Marriage’s purpose: An institution through which humanity could populate and cultivate God’s creation.
  • Companionship is a purpose of marriage but not the only one.
  • A lot of relationships offer companionship but only marriage can make a man and woman “one flesh” emotionally and physically.
  • Husbands and wives are helpers.  They produce, protect, and preserve future generations of image bearers.
  • Marriage is the best relationship for this preservation and protecting of future generations.
  • Marriage is a created institution. Man cannot redefine marriage any more than he can redefine gravity.


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