I was talking with a friend at another ministry several years ago when he asked me this: “If you were me, would you hire you?” Now, he and I both have the unenviable task of hiring, evaluating, and sometimes even letting employees go. It’s not the most fun part of the job, and sometimes holding people accountable can be quite awkward. However, that question stuck with me, and now I often find myself wondering if I am really as valuable of an employee as I think I am. If I were my boss, would I hire or fire me? In other words, if I continued doing the things I do, having the attitudes I have, and working the way I work, am I setting myself up for a promotion, or a demotion?

This session calls on each of us to be a purposeful employee by self-evaluating our performance. Seeing ourselves through the eyes of the boss can really help us be the most valuable, most sought-after type of leader within our organization.

So have a listen and then ask yourself, if you were you, would you hire you?

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