If math is the language of science, then why do many students enjoy math or science but not both? A current problem in STEM education is a failure to help students close the gap between these two important subjects. Statistics can be an enjoyable, practical tool for relating science and math, and teaching stats to students is not nearly as difficult as you might think! Here are several simple yet powerful statistics I’ve taught and implemented in middle school and high school science and math classes that have helped my students connect the dots in STEM. I hope they will do the same for yours!
This handout gives step-by-step instructions for running several simple statistics using Google Sheets and a few other websites. These are simple to perform and show students how to check their data for normality and then compare variables and/or groups: Simple Stats for STEM Booklet
I’ve created tutorial videos to accompany the scenarios from the booklet on my YouTube channel. Search for “Simple Stats for STEM” on YouTube or click here.
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