Everyone wants to be remembered. However, not everyone is remembered for the right things. What will your legacy be? Will your influence cause your followers to be drawn closer to the world or to Christ’s kingdom? A Christian adult’s legacy must be pre-planned and intentional, not left to chance.

This Adult Bible Fellowship series discusses topics ranging from the authority of the Bible to entertainment choices in the home. Developed through the book Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World by Ken Ham, this series is a help to all adults regardless of life-stage. Attached resources are made by me and are free for local-church use.

Session 1: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Session 2: If All We Had Was the Word

Session 3: The Theologian In You

Session 4: Godly Generations

Session 5: God Has No Grandchildren

Session 6: Roles and Responsibilities

Session 7: Creating an Environment of Sanctification

Session 8: Welcome to the War

Session 9: Acquiring a Craving

Session 10: The Umbrella of Authority

Session 11: Upright Downtime

Session 12: The Family Fortress