Should all high school graduates attend college? Up until a few years ago, and especially in our circle, the answer to that question was an emphatic “Of course!” However, it’s interesting that today, while many sources are now saying that even a Master’s degree is necessary, there are also some who question whether further education after high school is needed at all. The argument goes that a young person can avoid college debt and make a decent living without a degree, so why bother?

The answer to this question is simple: Don’t go to college for what it does FOR you, go to college for what it does TO you. God made us in His image with the capacity to know, understand, and apply vast amounts of information. He did not make us merely so that we could make a living and pay the bills. There ought to be more to you than what you do for a living. If a person goes to college looking for a pre-canned set of skills that he or she can make a living with, they are attending for the wrong reason and, unfortunately for them, they will leave empty-handed.

If all you want to do is make money, there are plenty of jobs available. However, any employer that’s worth working for is not after your skills but your mind, creativity, and desire to contribute. These are the traits that a serious college student will walk across the stage with.

Will there be some debt? Perhaps. Will it take some time? Of course. Will it make you a better person? Absolutely.

So, should all high school graduates go to college? Well, that depends on how much of a PERSON you really intend to be.